College Chancellor Touts the Benefits of a Career in Court Reporting

mc photo court reporting--MacCormac College copyright
A student in MacCormac College’s Court Reporting Program

Dr. Alexis Stephens is the Chancellor of MacCormac College (Chicago, IL), which established the first court reporting program in the United States. She was kind enough to discuss the career of court reporter and the program at MacCormac College with me. 

Q. Why is pursuing a career in court reporting such a good choice?

A. Pursuing a career in court reporting is an amazing choice for a few simple reasons. First, there is a huge demand for court reporters since 70 percent of court reporters nationwide are expected to retire in the next 20 years. The data analytics and market research firm Ducker Worldwide estimates that by this year, there would be a need for 33,200 court reporters, but there would only be 27,700 people trained to fill the positions. In Illinois specifically, we will need 1,990 court reporters by this year, but only have 1,730 people trained and available. In addition to their employability, in 2017, the median annual court reporter salary was $54,665, but some court reporters with more experience can earn up to $250,000! Finally, it is a field in which there are a lot more career opportunities than just that of being a court reporter. You can go into captioning (the closed captions you may see on TV or movies) as well as CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), in which you can translate at major live events for those who are hard of hearing!

Q. Can you tell me about the court reporting program at MacCormac College?

A. The Court Reporting Program at MacCormac College was the first Court Reporting Program in the nation and was founded in 1912. In addition, due to the overwhelming need for court reporters in the field, we proudly boast that the employment rate for graduates of our court reporting program is at 100 percent for the past five years, and there’s no sign of that changing in the future! Visit for more information.

MacCormac College March 2016
Students in MacCormac College’s Court Reporting Program

Check out the following websites and organizations for more information on a career in court reporting: DiscoverSteno, American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, and United States Court Reporters Association.

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Copyright, Andrew Morkes, College & Career Press (photos courtesy of MacCormac College)

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